Nordic Seminar

Nordic Seminar

We like to welcome you to the 7th Nordic Seminar for Sign Language Interpreters in Trondheim, Norway, 19th to 21st of May 2017. Please registrer before April 15th.

The theme of this years conference is «What’s my space» and Robert G. Lee will introduce and learn us about the concept of role-space. The conference will be chaired by Anna-Lena Nilsson and Torill Ringsø and Hilde Haualand will be the keynote speakers on Saturday. Other great Norwegians will ad  to the program through the weekend. Tolkeforbundet will have their General Assembly on Sunday while our guest take a tour in Trondheim with guides. Welcome!

The conference is held at Quality Airport Hotell Værnes

To get to the hotel from the airport you can either take the train, the bus or a taxi.
The trains has one departure every hour during the daytime. To get to Stjørdal station you’ll need to take the train going towards Steinkjer from the Airport. It is only one stop from the airport.
The bus has departures, pretty much, every half an hour. Bus number 38 towards Stjørdal.
Taxis are just outside the arrival area.
Here you can see how to get to the train station or the bus stop and how to get from Stjørdal station to the hotel.

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The presenters:

Robert G. Lee, keynote speaker – Role-space

Anna-Lena Nilsson, conference chair

Hilde Haualand – Co-constructing role-space

Torill Ringsø – Co-constructing role-space

Jessica P. B. Hansen  – We shall see that he takes his medicine. Exploring stance in interpreted interaction

Jessica P. B. Hansen – Policy and practice – the interpreter’s professional identity under development

Bibbi Hagerupsen – Role-space from a deafblind perspective

Elisabeth Trengereid Olsen – Reaching common ground – when interpreting for deaf immigrants

Camilla Sandrud – “The good interpreter” – a study based on two deaf perspectives (medical) Master thesis

Vibeke Bø – Second language learning for sign language interpreter students; the role of input
co-presenting with
Kristian Skedsmo – Second language learning for sign language interpreter students; the role of input

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